Sargas Mykoliukas / Keeper Michael

Esu mažas mažuliukas sargas Mykoliukas. Užsaugau iki 10,5 cm, kvepiu labai skaniai, nes mano moherio kailiukas dažytas kava ir cinamonu. Dėviu medvilnines kelnes ir turiu raktų ryšulėlį. Ieškau namučių.

Hello, I'm a keeper Michael, made from mohair. I smell very deliciously because mohair is dyed with coffe and cinnamon. I have an embroidered, waxed and tinted nose. My eyes are glass and black. I'm fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and disks, stuffed with fiberfill and granules. My skin is tinted with oil paint. I wear cotton trousers (tinted with oil paint) and I always carry a metal key bundle. I'm 10.5 cm tall. I love children very much but due the small details I'm not suitable for them. I'm looking forward for a new home. I'm proud of being OOAK.

2 komentarai:

  1. Good Morning, Neri,

    What a cutie pie. Have a wonderful December Monday.


  2. Hello,

    thank you and I also wish you a wonderful day and a week :)
    bear hugs from Lithuania